Three Things You Need To Run A Successful Dental Office

As a solo Dentist Owner, you can’t be making things up along the way.

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The biggest problem solo Dental Practice owners have is running their businesses while at the same time needing to have to be producing the dentistry.

Whenever a Dentist/Owner is treating patients he’s working “in his business”.

Only when he’s not with patients does he have the opportunity to work “on his business”, to manage and direct his business and those employed by the business in the direction he wants the business to go.

And the two are really mutually exclusive.

Because to do both jobs well, there has to be distinct delineation in times allocated to each of these two roles.


An owner Dentist cannot be barking out orders and instructions to staff members and the like while at the same time be providing an Ultimate Patient Experience for the paying customer he is treating.

Because it just wouldn’t be an *Experience* at all for the customer.

Or it would…

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