The “Job Seeker” Vs. “The Career Minded Dental Professional”

Thank you Deb. It is so important to know the difference before hiring the wrong person!

Dental Team Stream


Identifying the strong job candidates

There are definitely many signs that point to the very different job candidates; and although many are easy to spot, there are some flags that can be hidden or impressions that can be misinterpreted or misread. I believe it is critically important to begin to recognize and pay attention to the differences.

When the “job seeker” calls in response to an ad for employment these are often the questions asked right from the get-go to the person answering their initial call:

  • How much are you paying?
  • Are there any benefits?
  • Are there any weekends or late hours?
  • Will there be a vacation and bonus?
  • Those applying for a business office position will also ask “Is this an Office Manager position?”
  • The hygienist might ask, “Do I have an assistant to clean my instruments and set up my room?”
  • The Clinical Assistant might ask, “Am I…

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I am a creative and thoughtful person, who is passionate about people and developing life skills.
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