About Jayne Bandy



Training your team to know how to handle themselves on the phone is about what to say, how to say it, why we say it, when to say it and then put it all into action.

The learning is important but having someone to guide the team through the development and process is the key to successfully answering the phone and getting results.

This is what I do.

Email me today on jayne@thedpe.com so I can see where you need help.

I will train your team to convert more callers into patients with appointments and teach them to develop effective patient communication to increase the profitability of your Dental Practice.

For more information on how I can improve your Dental Office’s Phone Conversions contact me at  jayne@thedpe.com



5 Responses to About Jayne Bandy

  1. Dr. Saif Sayed says:

    Hello Jayne. Your blog is packed with great information, superb advice and full of energy. I have read most of them and I am trying to incorporate them in my daily practice. I am a dentist residing in India. I have also subscribed to your email newsletters. Can I also share your blogs on my Facebook page?


  2. Please forward an info packet. Thomas!


    • Jayne Bandy says:

      Thomas I can organise a Strategy Call with you. Let me know a good time. 6pm your time is 10am Sydney time. I can also send through an outline of my Skype Training Program that suits Dental offices in the US. Regards Jayne


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